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What does Cloud Computing offer?

Cloud Computing provide many advantages for business because it offers considerable savings together with high security, enormous capacity and a host of managed services. It is a home for your business data.

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Cloud Computing services include

  • saas


    Software as a Service. You have access to your working applications, correctly installed and configured by Infosystems.

  • paas


    Platform as a Service. You have access to applications and it’s settings. Infosystems provide maintenance of OS and hardware.

  • iaas


    Infrastructure as a Service. Infosystems provide infrastructure (hardware resources). You can install any OS or applications.

  • backup


    Backup as a Service. Infosystems provide a reliable storage with high-speed access to store critical business data.

  • email


    Email as a Service. Infosystems provide messaging service with virus, spam and phishing protection with unlimited size of mailboxes.

  • telephony


    Telephony as a Service. Infosystems provide virtual phone station (VoIP) to make calls in any directions from any device connected to Internet.


Cloud Computing services provide a range of benefits

  • Reduced IT Costs

    There is no need to invest in expensive physical computers and accessories. You use Infosystems powerful resources, have flexible pricing and pay as you go.

  • High scalability

    When you need extra resources you can instantly increase your current computing capacity. For example because of an unexpected peak in website traffic.

  • Business continuity

    Infosystems provide a range of powerful tools to prevent system failures. But even if it occurs you can recover your systems or servers in minutes by one click.

  • Fast performance

    We’re continually update technologies and as a result Infosystems cloud computing offers high-performance servers with powerful CPUs and super fast SSD drives.

  • Increased security

    Infosystems use robust firewall technology and intrusion detection systems which isolate threats before they reach your server. You can extend your office into the cloud with VPN.

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Pricing and Plan

Fixed price per month or per project. No costly surprises

Software as a Service

Designed to ensure the smooth running of applications
$70 /month
Basic set of office applications for up to 5 employees
  • Service includes:
  • Software list approval
  • Applications setup
  • Access granting
  • 24x7 maintenance

Platform as a Service

Designed to organize a platform for any application
$150 /month
Basic platform for deploying any type of applications
  • Service includes:
  • Resources delivery
  • Platform creation
  • Access granting
  • 24x7 maintenance

Infrastructure as a Service

Designed to provide a reliable uninterrupted infrastructure
$500 /month
Basic infrastructure with 5 servers for office everyday work
  • Service includes:
  • Resources delivery
  • Infrastructure creation
  • Access granting
  • 24x7 maintenance