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How does Cybersecurity services help business?

Cybersecurity services aim to provide defence from unauthorized access to critical business information and reduces the risks of downtime. It is not just an antivirus program. It is a range of services and events acting as one.

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Years experience





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Comprehensive Cybersecurity services include

  • antivirus


    Antivirus Software defends your personal computer and helps to block viruses on external storages (like flash-drive).

  • ids


    Intrusion Detection System controls network traffic and file changes for malicious activity or policy violations and sends an alert to control center.

  • ips


    Intrusion Prevention System analyzing and taking automated actions on all traffic to detect and prevent vulnerability exploits.

  • antiddos

    DDoS protection

    Infosystems provides traffic filtering solutions to prevent DDoS attacks and provide accessibility of your servers, services and networks.

  • waf


    Web Application Firewall helps protect web applications by filtering and monitoring HTTP traffic from attacks such as CSF, XSS and others.

  • cloud-security

    Cloud Security

    Infosystems provides complete solutions consisting of Antivirus, IDS, IPS, WAF and other modules, protecting your systems at almost all OSI levels.


Our Cybersecurity services provide a range of benefits

  • Centralized security

    You’ll get security control center, which collects data about computers status and malware activity. All events and security control in one comfortable interface.

  • Complete defense

    You’ll get reliable defense from malware at all your computers, servers and in networks with Windows, Linux or Mac OS at almost all OSI levels.

  • Realtime reporting

    All security events are immediately shown in security control center. You’ll get full report with statuses of computers and malware activity in real-time.

  • Predictive defense

    Infosystems cybersecurity services use predictive technology and defend your IT-infrastructure from yet unknown malware and new types of attacks.

  • Security expertise

    Infosystems provides security expertise. We make audit to ensure your IT-infrastrure is compliant with ISO, PCI DSS, SoGP and other worldwide security standards.

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Pricing and Plan

Fixed price per month or per project. No costly surprises

Antivirus protection

Designed to protect against computer and network viruses
$40 /device
Implementation of centralized protection of the organization's network
  • Service includes:
  • Network configuration
  • Management Console setup
  • Deploying the security system
  • Detailed report

Perimeter protection

Designed to protect against intrusion from the Internet
$500 /base
Basic protection by hardware and software integrated complex
  • Service includes:
  • Project creation
  • Equipment installation
  • Network configuration
  • Detailed report

Comprehensive protection

Designed for comprehensive protection of infrastructure
$3500 /base
Basic corporate level protection against viruses, ransomware and intrusions
  • Service includes:
  • Project creation
  • Hardware installation
  • Network configuration
  • Detailed report